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Meet our Instructors and Class Directors

Jeet Kumar- The NWCDI 2023 Keynote Speaker

Lisa Bachman- Finding a Vision: How Comprehensive Planning Shapes Your Community 

Amy Benson- Connecting Local Economies to the World

Becky Bryant- Year 1 Class Director; Team Building Tools

Michelle Bly- Year 2 Class Director

Sam Byrd- Implementing Diversity Tools; The Value and Power of Diversity; Creating a Diverse Community


Dr. Mary Emery- Making Communities Stronger in Challenging Times; Building Entrepreneurial Communities

Alison Espindola- Tools, Tip and Tricks for Building Stronger Arts and Cultural Communities 


Eric Forsch- Building Community Broadband

Dana Gover- Accessible Communities

Laura Johnson- Connecting Local Economies to the World


Sean Olson- Media Message and Executive Speaker Training

Kim Glineski- Business Retention and Expansion


Erik Kingston- Housing as a Second Language for Economic Development; Access for All


Dr. Paul Lewin- The Dollar Game; Futures Game

Dr John Luthy- New Age of Public Leadership; Strategic Thinking and Planning for Community Leaders and Public Managers; Workforce Development

Jeremy McVeety- Advanced Class Director


Jill Miles- Top Drivers of Business Attraction

Jerry Miller- Show Me the Money: Finding and Securing Grants; Economic Analysis; Newtonia; Downtown Revitalization 


Maureen Gresham- Tools, Tips and Tricks for Building an Effective Community Transportation Network


Jake Reynolds- Economic Development 101


Nancy Richardson- Historic Preservation as Economic Development

Ben Roeber-Disaster Prepardness & Community Resiliency


Kelly Sills- Mastering Meeting Procedures/Working with Boards and Commissions ; Change and Resiliency

Dr. Marcia Smart- Building Community Leadership Networks

Deanna Smith- The Smart Growth Approach to Community Development


Gina Taruscio- Year 3 Class Director; Public Finance 101 


Jennifer Verdon- Connecting Local Economies to the World


Dr. Jaap Vos- Community Assessments; Advanced Class


Mike Williams- Navigating Planning and Zoning: How to Site a Project


Gloria Zacharias- Ehical Challenges in Community and Economic Development; City of Somerset; Community Values and Principles


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